Terms & Conditions

Do to high volume of sales please allow 60 days for board to be build. We do our best to build the boards a fast as possible but we are very busy. Thanks for your patience and happy riding.
No returns or refunds.
VGT Disclaimer. VGT sometimes comes from the factory with air bubble, miscolored, and minor flaws. We do not make this product. We will cut it to your board size but will not apply it to your board. VGT is like a big sticker. You just peel and apply it to the top of the board.  We recommend grooved foam top to all riders. We Know it is much more durable. Why do we sell VGT? A lot of riders like the way it feels under foot and don't mind doing repairs to their vgt.  The current USA national champion Scott Callens and team rider Tum Nonsee prefer grooved foam top along with my self. If you would like a video on how to stick the vgt to your board we will email it to you and hopefully have a video on you tube soon. Thanks