The story of Mak Flowboards starts with the man behind the boards, Jeremie Miller. Like most people who love this sport after his first session of flowboarding, he was not only humbled but also hooked. With a work history of wood work and a passion for board sports, in 2010 after some trials and error Jeremie designed the first ever Mak Flowboard. While still running a full time construction company he build the boards on the side, eventually the world noticed the quality of the workmanship that went into each board and Mak Flowboards became not only a passion but a full time job. From the beginning  the goal of each board has been to not only customized each board shape, rocker and length specific to the rider's size and skill level; but also to make it possible for each rider to either choose from our graphics designed by our pro riders around the world, a variety of stock graphics or to design their very own custom graphics, making each board truly unique. Either way each board has been hand crafted, shaped and designed specifically for the person who orders from Mak Flowboards.